New Patients

Thank you for considering Tahoe Natural Medical Center for your health care needs.


What To Expect

Please allow 1 hour for your initial appointment. During your first visit the doctor will be conducting a detailed consultation and evaluation of your medical history. An important goal is getting to know you and the timeline of events that has led to your present health challenges and concerns. You can expect the doctor to explain basic medical knowledge as it applies to your health care needs and to answer any questions that you may have. The doctor encourages his patients to call, text, or e-mail the doctor with any questions and concerns that you may have regarding your care after the initial visit.

What To Bring

Please bring any medical records especially blood testing from the last year with you to your initial appointment. Also, include a list of medications and supplements that you are taking to the visit. In your list or just bring to initial appointment, include the strength, how often you are taking the medications and supplements along with how long you have been taking them. It is important to include in the list the brand of supplements that you are taking so i can evaluate the quality of what you are taking. Fill out the new patient forms, see below.

Fill Out Forms

Fill out and bring to your initial appointment the Consent Form and Personal Patient Information form to your initial appointment (see below). These forms can also be filled out at your scheduled appointment, just arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the forms before your visit.
Printable forms to complete and sign:

Return Appointments

Please allow 1/2 hour for your follow up visits. The first return visit is generally scheduled within 3-6 weeks of the initial visit to discuss test results, see how you are doing with the treatment plan established at the initial visit and make to make any changes to the protocol if needed. Other visits are needed when a 1/2 hour visit is needed to evaluate a new medical problem or continue care for a chronic health condition or to perform a medical procedure. No follow up visit fee is charged with IV therapies and Prolozone treatments.