Frequently Asked Questions

Can Naturopathic Doctors write prescriptions?

Yes, Naturopathic medical doctors in most licensed states have full prescription rights; except the California laws that regulate Naturopathic medicine at this time only allow prescription rights for naturally derived substances like hormones, vitamins/minerals for intravenous use, and antibiotics. Although, Naturopathic medical doctors are well trained in pharmacology, it is only a matter of time before California Naturopaths have full prescription rights. Dr. Hanson can help you to decrease your need for prescriptions drugs and when appropriate to taper off your current medications in a safe manner.

Do you work with other health care providers?

Yes, Dr. Hanson works closely with the medical community to provide you with optimal care, which means he will refer you to a specialist for their expert opinion when needed. Although, just because a patient is being referred doesn’t mean that the treatment offered by the specialist is the best course of action. It is always good medicine to cover all bases when deciding how to treat complex cases; therefore, more input is always best.

What can I expect from my first visit?

I set aside 60 minutes for your first visit to get a complete history, perform a physical exam, decide on appropriate lab work, answer your questions, educate you about and design an individual treatment plan for you. Follow up visits are 30 minutes long.

Will my insurance cover the office visit or any treatments that you offer?

No, I am a fee-for-service medical practice because Naturopathic medicine is no currently covered by insurance in California at this time. Health Savings Accounts/Flex Spending Accounts offer the best reimbursement for Naturopathic medical care. Contact your plan directly to see what they will cover.

Can you order diagnostic tests like an X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, PET scan, bone scan, etc?

Yes, Naturopathic doctors are well trained in diagnostic imaging and will order the appropriate study when needed.

Can you order laboratory tests like blood work?

Yes, Naturopathic doctors are well trained in the interpretation of laboratory tests to diagnose and monitor most health conditions. I apply a more strict interpretation of labs in order to detect health problems in its earliest stages; along with using advanced blood testing with specialty labs to offer a more comprehensive assessment of your health.

Will herbs and supplements interfere with my prescription medications?

Yes, in a few situations there are interactions that most Naturopathic doctors are aware of and will avoid but generally it is not a problem.