Botanical Medicine

Medicinal plants are the oldest form of “drugs” or health care used by humanity, their use is older then recorded history. In fact, most of modern pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants. Plant medicine is more compatible to the human body then modern drug therapies and in most cases offers a better treatment approach for a wide range of medical diseases. I have no problem with modern drugs, they have there place in medicine; it is just a limited one.

With botanical medicine, plants offer additional benefits separate from the intended focus of treatment unlike the side effects of modern drugs. Plant medicine can be used in a liquid, capsule, or tea form. It is very important when using plant medicine that the best quality plants are used, most herbal medicine sold on the market today is poor quality and can cause more harm then good.

Natural Pharmacy

My medicinary includes only the best pharmaceutical grade supplements at the lowest price from companies that only sell to doctors. I keep my prices at a lower cost than what you can find online for the same quality product. There are a lot of poor quality supplements on the market today. Therefore, i advise all my patients to be very careful when buying fish oil, probiotics, and herbal medicine because the quality of what is on the market today will do more harm then good. It will generally cost a little more to buy quality but it is important for optimal health.

Specialty Lab Testing

Labs from a typical lab are good for basic testing but when you need more advanced analysis, specialty labs are required. As an example, most doctors will test toxic metals like lead and mercury with only blood serum results. Blood testing only measures for acute exposure or what you are presently being exposed too. A challenge test with chelating agents are essential to determine your body burden of toxic metals that are stored in your tissues. This example repeats itself when assessing vitamins, minerals, gastrointestional health, and heart health among others.

B Vitamin Shots

Intramuscular injection of B Vitamins is an energy booster that can be done on a weekly basis. It generally is effective in 7 out of 10 patients lasting anywhere from 4 to 6 days.  The shot includes all the B vitamins including B12, the most common injection of B vitamin. The shots can be injected in the office by the doctor or prefilled for home use and self injections.

Testosterone shots


T-shot is an intramuscular injection for men given on a weekly basis. Most doctors will give a very large dose (200mg) and do the injection every 2-3 weeks but this is too strong of a dose and can lead to a rollercoaster of symptoms. I like to give a much lower dose (50mg to 100mg) on a weekly basis with testosterone cypionate, the longest releasing form. Testosterone in older men can enhance sexual performance, provide more energy, mental clarity and stamina.