What Our Clients Are Saying

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So happy with my progress and it is definitely life changing.

If you have any joint issues go see Dr. Hanson. He's amazing! I've been so happy with my progress and it is definitely life changing. He listens, has a great bedside manner, and knows what he's doing. I've had prolozone shots in my neck, shoulder, back. I wish I could inject every joint in my body.

I have no idea why in 14 years, not one medical doctor has ever suggested ozone to me. They only wanted to give pain pills, steroids, sleeping pills, and anti depressants that don't fix the pain. Ozone is common practice in other countries and there is a study for discs being injected after 5 and 10 years which is very positive.

South Lake Tahoe - Ozone Injection Therapy March 23, 2017

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A true miracle.

Yesterday I had about 60% less pain and today about 90%.  It feels like a true miracle. This the first time in 3 years that it doesn't hurt to sneeze.

March 23, 2017

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Started walking without limping…

After my prolo injection in my knee. I feel like I have a whole new knee! For the first time in awhile I woke up in the morning and started walking without limping and being hunched over.

My dog is also happy, I am able to take him for walks again.

March 23, 2017

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95% pain free

I just finished my 4th session with Dr. Hanson. My shoulder is totally pain free, did not require treatment this session, and is back to normal.

My hip that was diagnosed as needing replacement, is now 95% pain free and has allowed me to Alpine ski 5 times this winter and back country ski on a 3 day wilderness snow camp trip with a 50# pack. Amazing results. thank you Dr. Hanson and Embody Wellness.

Jim Stoll Lake Tahoe - Shoulder Pain Relief March 23, 2017